Lexington Maritime

Lexington Maritime has been established with decades of experience in all aspects of the maritime business. We are focused on transactions applying that experience to new and niche areas of the maritime industry.

In particular, we look for projects that generate a measurable, beneficial social or environmental impact alongside a financial return. Such transactions can be made in both emerging and developed markets.

Lexington has developed an asset light shipping industry strategy, with an experienced management group skilled in commercial management, freight trading, hedging, investment management, as well as providing cargo movement optimization services to ship-owners and managing distressed assets.

Lexington has been sponsored by Tobias Koenig, David Kanter and the Denholm Group. The Sponsors collectively, have approximately 180 years of tradition in the shipping industry, have managed over $6.5bn assets, having built approximately 60 vessels, commercially managed vessels and investments among various segments of the maritime industry and technically manage over 600 vessels across all sectors. 

Lexington has it its offices in New York and Hamburg.

Lexington will mitigate risk by structuring its transactions with credit-worthy counterparties, established shipping pools and other risk management tools.

Lexington Maritime will also offer a wide range of strategic services.

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